Prophecies-1,817. Revelation-56. Prophecy wins. God prevails.

Dr. Joe teaches the Book of Revelation in 60 to 65 minutes and presently is available in Eastern North Carolina.  E-mail him if you are interested for him to come to your church.  Many people today drop out of a Revelation study because it is so long and time consuming.  God has given Dr. Joe a unique presentation of the Book of Revelation where people can quickly understand it and then go about their business praising the Lord.

Religious freedom begins with one changed heart…then another…then another…and then many and many and many more changed hearts.

Not only is this web site for people who go to a church but also for people who have reasons not to attend a church but still want God in their personal life.  Who ever you are God loves you so very much.  But remember, gathering with another, or two, or three, or more Believers is what Scripture tells us to do.   Find a church whose foundation doctrine is:  Christ Jesus crucified for your sins and resurrected the third day to give you life everlasting with Him.

Bible accuracy swallows up science.  The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Dr. Joe said to himself that he would give his heart and soul to the God of the religious writing that proved itself to be the most accurate, precise, loving, and giving authority in the universe.  Dr. Joe wanted to know the most accurate religious writing in the world and he set out on a journey searching for that accuracy.  What he discovered is astounding.  Science represents equations, formulas, theories, and expressions of God’s universe and how to use and combine the elements that God has created.   Science is a minute expression that will never reach or match the pinnacle of God’s knowledge and wisdom.  Science is most fascinating but we must remember that it is a human expression of what has been presented to us by God and it seems that humans can mess-up much of what they touch.  Hence, one continues practicing one’s profession.  So, it seems that science can never be given glorified credence as it is just a human expression from fallible and fallen men and women trying to explain God’s work.  In my search for accuracy I discovered that the forty authors selected to write the sixty-six books of the Bible over a period of some sixteen-hundred years had to be directed by the Hand of God  to present to the world such a masterpiece with accuracy that swallows up science.

Hence, the name of my web site is Prophecy Wins.  Of all the world’s religious writings none did I find that had the preponderance of prophecies with an astounding accuracy-rate-of-completion.  That is why I say that for me the astounding prophetic accuracy of the Holy Bible is validation that the Lord God Almighty and himself as Jesus Christ and himself as the Holy Spirit is exactly who He says He is.   In Revelation 22: 11 we read:  He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

For me a religious writing to have merritt to be studied it must have the common denominator of accuracy and love, and the common denominator of the Holy Bible is God’s undeniable accuracy and God’s endless love for those who return their love to Him.

You know that you are saved and Born Again when you feel as a stranger or visitor in this world which we live not forsaking family, friends, life, work and love for others for His glory while desiring the holy and righteous reward of the Kingdom of Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Joe’s longing is for pastors and Believers to be encouraged and a unified revival cleansing fire to flow as Living Water throughout the countries of the world.  Time is getting short and God desires more Saints to reside with Him.

We must be sure that our heart is purged from the things of this world and filled with the things of the Lord.  Sometimes people pray for a healing and the Lord will stop the problem from getting worse and people forget that this is a miracle.  Sometimes God operates in small steps to see how we respond or how much glory we give Him.  Never lose your faith.  Dr. Joe loves it when God shows up and begins blessing people.

Dr. Joe is primarily a teacher through writing.  His writings will stretch your mind and his CDs will take you on an eye opening journey.  Joe’s passion are the things of the Lord, family, work, and writing to encourage and inform.
Dr. Joe’s 3 CD teachings are:
1]  Smart Phones, Amazon, eBay, PayPal are Part of End Times Prophecy, Shocking
2]  The Accuracy of the Holy Bible Swallows Up Science
3]  God’s Thesis for Creation and Rebuttal of Evolution and Darwinism
God offers His love to you and is calling all people to come unto Him before super chaos begins.  See the … video … about Joe’s CDs.
Learn how to talk with people about the End Times.
The Holy Bible has 1,817 prophecies.  3%, or 56 of the prophecies are in the Book of Revelation.  There are 737 prophecy categories.  Look at it this way:  there are 737 prophecy buckets and some buckets have one prophecy in them and other buckets have two or three prophecies in them. One day all of God’s prophecies will be in all 737 buckets. We are now in the Letter to the Laodicean Church prophecy at the end of Revelation 3: 14-22.  Get ready people. Time is close for End Times chaos.  I am not a dooms day drummer.  I support my writings with evidence.  Fulfilled prophecy wins every discussion.

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One man said that this book is like twenty years of going to church.

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Many years ago I wrote the following words.

People are the church: not religion and not denomination.

Today, more than ever, untold numbers of people do realize that it is not their pastor, church, or denomination that saves them.  It is Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins and resurrected the third day to give us life.  Praise God that millions of people are realizing that pastors, churches, or denominations can get in the way of Christ Jesus and what He did at the Cross for us. Believe it or not there are a lot of pastors, ministers, preachers, or evangelists who can get in the way of the workings of the Lord God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ and by His power the Holy Spirit.  Do not let this happen to you.

There are a lot of people and organizations that are taking the words: the blood of Jesus out of their ministry and out of their songs.

People, it is because of the blood of Jesus that a person can be saved and Born Again.  If you take the blood of Jesus out of your doctrines and ministry then all you have is empty religion and you will never ever see the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Holy Bible proves this.

God bless you.  He gave us His prophecies to know Him.  Prophecy wins.  God prevails.

You are an important person and do not ever forget it.

Dr. Joe

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At this time our e-mail address is:  It will change soon so check for updates. address will now redirect to this our new web site address:  Prophecy Wins.  Dr. Joe has taken a turn in the road of the ministry God entrusted to him and now focus on the remaining days before Jesus calls His saints home.

The calling of the Saints gets closer and closer.