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Bible accuracy swallows up science.  The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Dr. Joe used to question the Bible and its accuracy and he set out on a journey searching for Bible accuracy.  He is now shaking the foundation of the world with his discovery.  Bible accuracy swallows up science.

People around the world want to know:

Am I going to Heaven?

Many people around the world say that they are going to Heaven but after reading this web site they may realize that an adjustment or two is needed in their thinking and their heart.

Question:  How do you know that you are Born Again and will go to Heaven?

Answer:  You have become Born Again when you profess and express from the depths of your heart, not your head, that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and embracing His death on the Cross and resurrection three days later into life is the only way to get to Heaven, and your Born Again heart directs your secular mind into following Jesus Christ because of what He did for you on the Cross meaning that you are less than Jesus Christ, meaning that you fall short of holiness and righteousness, meaning that you need Spiritual holiness and righteousness in your life through Jesus Christ, and you constantly return your love to and for Jesus Christ, in all things, until your last conscience breath.

Begin your journey through this web site and start your reading with the page titled AAA, then go to ABC, then go to Head or Heart, then go to Bible Accuracy, then go to the pages of your choice.

And then, if you really hunger for the deepest areas of God’s heart my book will take you into places your have never traveled before.

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I like tidbits of wisdom.  Here is one:  Practicing a religion is merely play acting but when Christ Jesus spiritually walks with you through thin and thick then wow, things totally change having that relationship knowing that He is the Messiah.

My brother-in-law, Mike, gave me this one:  One who is constantly wanting more stuff has no room in their heart for thankfulness unto God for what they already have.

My desire is to encourage others in who God is and I do not officiate weddings or funerals.  I just write and speak.

I hope you see things in this web site that you have never known before.

God bless you.

You are an important person and do not ever forget it.

Dr. Joe

my e-mail address is: joe@okmylord.com

Understand God now.