People are the church, not religion, not denomination

People Are The Church, not religion, not denomination.

Just because someone knows what the Holy Bible says does not guarantee them a place in Heaven. The church, referring to the people that is, are in trouble. Keep reading.

Mankind’s and womankind’s definition of being saved, being Born Again and going to Heaven is meaningless. The question to ask is: What is God’s definition to accept you into His Kingdom of Heaven.

It is said that the world has around 3 1/2 billion people who claim to be Christian or follow the Christian faith.  What if God only allowed about 20% of all of these people into His Kingdom of Heaven at the time He calls the Church home because 80% of the people did not have pure hearts for Him.  Ouch!  But you know, that does seem to be about right.

I used to be one of the 80% people thinking that I was locked into Heaven.  My, my, my, did God take me on a journey into understanding.  I now share what I have learned in my writings.  Please read these web pages and make your own decisions. After reading this page please start with the page titled: ABC.

The greatest majority of the people in the world do not know God or His heart. The author of this web site used to be the same way until God revealed Himself in August of 1995, then in October of 1998 and then many, many times since then. This web site helps to begin the journey to know the Lord God Almighty. From his heart and simple writing style Dr. Joe has combined his 7 books into 1 super book involving an eleven year writing period. After reading this home page feel free to take a look at: Joe’s book.

After reading this book you will know more about God and His heart than the greatest number of the people in the world. Knowing what the Bible says is one thing, but having God’s heart in your heart is what Heaven-bound is all about. Just because someone knows what the Bible says does not mean they are going to Heaven. What is pleasing to God is when He sees His heart in your heart.  A public display of how holy you think you are, or how holy you want other people to think you are, is not a step in the right direction. What is in your heart?


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