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Study under the mentorship of a man some claim as a prophet of the Lord.  Dr. Joe does not go around claiming to be a prophet of the Lord but his teachings seem to line up with a prophetic word of joy and reverence for the Lord.

There are 1,817 prophecies, or predictions, in the Holy Bible.  The Book of Revelation has 56 prophecies.  We are in the 7th Book of Revelation prophecy right now.  That means that there are only 49 Book of Revelation prophecies remaining for God to reveal to the world.  God has been proving for thousands of years that He is God.

 The Holy Bible has an accuracy beyond 10 to the 10,000th power.  Actually, it is closer to 10 to the 11,319 power.  This is unheard of even in this technologically advanced world that we live in.  Who do you give your soul to?

There are thousands of Bible scholars around the world who believe that God will call for the Rapture to occur sometime between the years 2018 and 2022 or 2023 those who Believe in Him passionately and worship Him passionately.  We do not know for sure which year God will call for the Rapture but I have strong spiritual feelings that the Rapture will occur very, very soon.

When God calls out of this world His Believers and His Followers He will then drop the hammer on the people who remain upon the earth who deny, mock, and spit in His face.  I have five primary prayer times each day.  Three of these five prayer times are on my knees or face, one is standing up, and the fifth is while driving my car praying for every single person in the entire world.  That is correct, I am praying for you to be saved and redeemed.  I also have other short prayer times each day.  Time is so short.  Pray people, pray.

Earn your Doctor of Theology degree from this school, or another school of your choice, as soon as possible to take souls with you into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I cannot impress upon you how important this is.

As you can see we have many titles for our writings; so, search for the title Earn Your Degree to read the Orientation Brochure and study procedures to see if you qualify to begin your Doctor of Theology study program.  World Gospel School is where you can earn your religious Doctor of Theology degree in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Joe is primarily a teacher through writing.  His writings will stretch your mind and his CDs will take you on an eye opening journey.  Joe’s passion are the things of the Lord, family, work, and writing to encourage and inform.  Dr. Joe stays focused on the words of the Holy Bible.
Dr. Joe’s 3 CD teachings are:
1]  Smart Phones, Amazon, eBay, PayPal are Part of End Times Prophecy, Shocking
2]  The Accuracy of the Holy Bible Swallows Up Science
3]  God’s Thesis for Creation and Rebuttal of Evolution and Darwinism
God offers His love to you and is calling all people to come unto Him before super chaos begins.  See the … video … about Joe’s CDs.
Learn how to talk with people about the End Times.
The Holy Bible has 1,817 prophecies.  3%, or 56 of the prophecies are in the Book of Revelation.  There are 737 prophecy categories.  Look at it this way:  there are 737 prophecy buckets and some buckets have one prophecy in them and other buckets have two or three prophecies in them. One day all of God’s prophecies will be in all 737 buckets. We are now in the Letter to the Laodicean Church prophecy at the end of Revelation 3: 14-22.  Get ready people. Time is close for End Times chaos.  I am not a dooms day drummer.  I support my writings with evidence.  Fulfilled prophecy wins every discussion.

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One man said that this book is like twenty years of going to church.

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Many years ago I wrote the following words.

People are the church: not religion and not denomination.

Today, more than ever, untold numbers of people do realize that it is not their pastor, church, or denomination that saves them.  It is Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins and resurrected the third day to give us life.  Praise God that millions of people are realizing that pastors, churches, or denominations can get in the way of Christ Jesus and what He did at the Cross for us. Believe it or not there are a lot of pastors, ministers, preachers, or evangelists who can get in the way of the workings of the Lord God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ and by His power the Holy Spirit.  Do not let this happen to you.  However, if you have a wonderful pastor who loves the Lord then support him or her in their calling and ministry.

There are a lot of people and organizations that are taking the words: the blood of Jesus out of their ministry and out of their songs.

People, it is because of the blood of Jesus that a person can be saved and Born Again.  If you take the blood of Jesus out of your doctrines and ministry then all you have is empty religion and you will never ever see the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Holy Bible proves this.

World Gospel School is an opportunity for you to advance your education with a Doctor of Theology degree to increase the Kingdom of God.

You are an important person and do not ever forget it.

Dr. Joe

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